Evaluate The Likely Impact On A Selected Business To Significant Variations In National Economic Activities

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School of Business and Leisure
BTEC National Diploma in Business – Feedback and Review Sheet

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Unit 30 Business and the Economic Environment

Assignment: One


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1 Investigate the impact on businesses of changes in levels of business activity 2 Consider the impact on businesses of changes in European, national and local government spending and taxation

To achieve a Pass


Explain the likely effect on a selected business of a variation in national levels of business activity with reference to changes in interest rates

Explain the possible impact on a selected business at a local, national or European level of a significant reduction in the overall level of public spending

To achieve a Merit


Analyse the likely impact on a selected business organisation of a significant variation in national economic activity

To achieve a Distinction


Evaluate the vulnerability of a selected business to significant variations in national economic activity

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The Pass tasks 1 and 2, (P1 and P2) are to be completed in pairs in the form of a Power-point presentation.

This assignment asks you to investigate the effects changes in the economy may have on specific companies. You may find it helpful to select from the following list, (however, you are free to choose a company at a local or regional level)

a) Tesco’s Plc http://www.tescocorporate.com/
b) Barratt Homes http://www.barratthomes.co.uk/
c) Laing Plc http://www.laing.com/
d) Marks & Spencer Plc
e) DFS http://www.dfsonline.co.uk/
f) Dixons http://www.dsgiplc.com/Layout.aspx?ID={5aad56ce-5794-4928-8d1a-4923e120929d}&CatID={95c3cceb-b085-4882-9380-919fc28eaabd}

To achieve a pass

1. Decide on a specific business or industry sector.
2. Explain how the government may use interest rates as a tool to influence the economy.
3. Explain how changes in interest rates might have positive and negative effects on the business or industry you have chosen

The presentation