Essay on Evaluate Your Assessment Methods

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As a trainer it has become very evident to me that assessment is a critical component of training/teaching and as such it is essential that I continuously monitor the trainees’ progress to help me to identify; where they are and if my training methods are developing and progressing individuals on.
Training is a reciprocal process that depends on and affects one another. Assignment deals with how well the students are learning and how well the trainer is training.

Let’s see further down some of the purposes of the assessment:

*To assist the trainees’ training
*To identify strengths and weaknesses
*To assess the effectiveness of a particular teaching/training strategy/technique or a whole program
*To assess and improve teaching
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Diagnostic Assessment- to ascertain prior to training; each learner’s strengths and weaknesses, knowledge and skills. Once established I can tailor my training methods to suit and meet the needs of each learner. I can do this by asking short-answer questions or prior to training asking them to fill up a questionnaire on why they want to attend the course or by breaking the ice with a group discussion which allows me to understand the level that ever learner is in my course.

Formative Assessment-This is a self reflective process that intends to promote my student attainment. Formative assessments are used to sees if the trainees understand what they are being taught and are usually informal. These will often be in the form of quizzes, worksheets, multiple choice questions, and trainees are able to have more than one attempt to show their progression. The important part on this process is that the formative assessments are not contributing to the student’s final mark but simply serve as a way for me as a trainer to know whether or not the students understand the information being delivered to them.

Observations-Practical Tasks, Simulations and Work-based activities- This is one of my favorite assessments as it can help and support the learner to maintain consistency and enhance reliability. As a trainer/teacher may well have to participate in appropriate