Evaluate Your Lifestyle Presentation Week 1 Essay

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Evaluate your lifestyle
When having a healthy Lifestyle you should avoid…
Tobacco Use
Including low-tar-nicotine cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and spit tobacco
Avoid using alcohol as a way of dealing with situations that may cause stress in your life
Abusing prescription medicines
Always follow all the directions as instructed by your doctor when taking prescription medicine.
Nutrition in your lifestyle
Fruits and Vegetables
Eat a variety daily at least 7 servings
Limiting fat in your diet
Total fat, saturated, and trans fat
Eat three meals a day
Avoid missing meals
Limit salt and sugar intake
Exercising and Fitness
Engage in Exercising Daily
20-60 min. 3-5 times a week
Healthy Weight
Avoid being overweight as well as underweight
Muscular strength & Endurance
Exercising at least twice a week
Wear your seat belt
Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Obey the traffic laws
Follow instructions on all harmful products
Disease prevention
Know the warning signs of cancer, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke
Use sunscreen
Get routine medical physicals
Practice breast exams
Practice safe sex
How to break bad behaviors
Identify your bad behavior
Right down what happens before the bad behavior and what happens after the bad behavior
Change the chain of behaviors
For example- if you know after you eat you will smoke a cigarette, come up with something else you can do after you eat. This will take your mind off of smoking the cigarette every time you