Evaluating Healthcare Professionals

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The assignment for this week is to find out what professional attire is presentable in the field of study. The assignment consists of two parts and in the following paragraphs I will analyze the topics in detail. Part 1 consists of the viewing of a slide that is similar to your career, or career goal. I will be choosing a career suitable for my studies and go over what was the individual profession, what made the individual in the slide professional, where there aspects presented that were not professional? The second Part I will address what is the appropriate attire an individual in my future profession, Describe what makes someone a professional in my career field, What behavior attributes do I practice that identify myself as a professional, also What attributes such as attire, communication skills, and presentation do I possess that makes me a professional?

Part one: Wash and Analysis In this scenario, I viewed a healthcare professional at a bedside of a patient
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Different departments often adopt a certain color unique to them and easily identifiable. For instance, pediatric staff may want to gear uniforms to the children so they do not seem threatening. In certain departments, lab coats over street clothes offer protection and look professional (Hickman 2013).
Healthcare professionals are usually healed to higher standers and considered selfless. Professionalism starts from inner self and one have to ask the question “am I suitable to a career in healthcare?” before pursuing it. Emotional stability is key in being successful and professional in this industry. It is important to be capable of adjusting to the needs of each patient. In addition the ability to listen and follow direction have significant effects as well. Sometimes carefully listening and following direction could be the difference between life and