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1. Introduction
1.1 Background
In the past, there weren’t many big companies and the fast food industry hadn’t been developed yet. People didn’t care much for the environment as they usually cares more about the amount of money they made from their products. Nowadays, thanks to social progress, more and more fast food companies have appeared around the world. People can’t talk about companies without mentioning the care taken by these companies in regarding the environment. The environment has become an essential aspect which companies must think about if they value their reputation. So making products more eco-friendly is an important issue.
1.3 Purpose
This report will look at three fast food company websites to evaluate the information provided in there regarding environmental concerns.
1.2 Criteria
The criteria used in this report are
Does the website have a direct link to the care of the environment on the home page?
How detailed is the information?
Does the website mention recycling?
Is the website current?
2. Description
2.1 KFC
< http://www.kfc.com.au >
This is the website of the fast food company KFC. The KFC website has much information about the environment. There are three main sections which are ‘WE RECYCLE’, ‘OUR PAKAGING’ and ‘ENERGY SAVING’. Each section has it own information. Last but not least, the section ‘WE RECYCLE’ includes one link “Find out more” that directs to much relating problems. There are a lot of links and illustrating pictures that clearly provide much information about KFC’s eco-products. The page is dated 2014.
2.2 Boost Juice
< http://www.boostjuice.com.au >
This is the website of Boost Juice company. The Boost Juice website doesn’t have any direct link to the environment on the homepage and it has just one link to the environmental care. Boost Juice website provides information about benefit of their new paper cups. However, the information is not much. Looking at the whole website of Boost Juice, there is no currency on this page.
2.3 Burger King
< http://www.bk.com >
This is the website of Burger King company. The Burger King company website does not exactly have any link to the environment. There are not even explanations about the environment. When accessing the home page of Burger King, we must click on the ‘Responsibility’ section located in the bottom right corner which will lead to an article named ‘BK® CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY’ , which has a small section about the environment. They just mention about ‘energy saving’, ‘waste reduction’, ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ and how they care about their products that effect on the environment superficially. The page is dated 2014.
3. Evaluation
3.1 Direct link on home page
There is no direct link on the home page of KFC’s Website but when clicking on ‘KFC Australia’ it will show a lot of links to environmental issues, from simple to detailed . Boost Juice website has only one link to the ‘ABOUT’ page at the top of the homepage which talks about the environment. However, Burger King 's website has absolutely no clear links of environmental issues likes the website of KFC and Boost Juice.
3.2 Detail of information
KFC has very detailed information on environmental issues, Boost Juice has a little information on eco-friendly products while Burger King doesn’t have very much information at all. KFC gives very detailed information such as ‘WE RECYCLE’, ‘OUR PAKAGING’ and ‘ENERGY SAVING’ . In ‘WE RECYCLE’, KFC provides background, challenges, solutions and the result of their progress to make their products more friendly to the environment. Besides that, there are some pictures and diagrams to illustrate the article. The Boost Juice website only shows the benefit of their paper cups which made from eco-ingredients whereas Burger King doesn’t give enough examples about the environment and It seems like they don’t have anything suitable with the environmental issues