Essay on Evaluating Your Own Work and Assessing Achievements

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You will be asked to evaluate work throughout the course. When looking at the work of others you can follow the Analysing Images format, adding your own opinions and judgements about the strengths and weaknesses of the piece. However, when you evaluate your own work you will need to carefully assess your own achievements and make links between your work and the work of other artists. Ideally you should annotate your sketchbook all the way through with your ongoing thoughts, ideas and decisions – so that you show evidence of reviewing and refining your ideas.

Use these points to help you structure your evaluation:

1. Briefly explain the project brief and what you intended to make. How does your work links with the theme/s of the project brief?

2. Describe your final piece in detail. FORM.

3. What inspired you to create your piece/s of work? Explain your source/s of inspiration and how these can be seen through the progress of your work. Be specific and describe the sources such as an original photograph of something you saw; a magazine cutting; an experience etc. Mention the NAMES of artists/photographers; designers/filmmakers. ARTICULATE AND EXPLAIN CONNECTIONS.

4. Describe any ideas (concepts) and meanings behind your final piece. Does it describe a real event; tell a story; capture a moment in time; a personality? Is it an abstract piece of work formed of shapes, pattern and colour? CONTENT AND CONTEXT.