Evaluation: Alzheimer ' s Disease and Ones Brain Functions Essay

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Chronic Disease Risk Assessment Summary
Team B
January 17, 2012
Mahboob Qureshi

Chronic Disease Risk Assessment Summary
Alzheimer’s disease is the most common for of the disease dementia. In today’s day and age, there is no cure discovered. The disease worsens and it continues to grow inside the body uncontrollably and ultimately leads to death. As of the year 2006, there were 26.6 million sufferers worldwide. The epidemic is spreading so profoundly that by the year 2050 it will affect 1 out of 85 people globally. The disease itself is not similar to cancer to where many individuals show no signs of being medically affected internally. The early stages form the disease stemming from age-related concerns or a manifestation of an abundance of stress. The common first symptoms usually revolve around having difficulty remembering recent events. When noticeable by the peers of the individual, the possible Alzheimer candidate must go in for a brain scan. In addition, certain tests to determine behavior and thinking abilities will usually follow. As the disease worsens in the brain, noticeable symptoms occur regarding the behavior of ones mood: Irritability, mood swings, confusion, anger resulting from long-term memory loss and trouble with the primary language of the individual. As the individual’s condition worsens, the individual tends to want privacy and withdraws from family and society. Gradually after this results in a loss of bodily functions continuously and leads to death. On average, an individual who becomes diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease lives about 7 years. The epidemic is so exponential that on 3% of individuals live more then 14 years when diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease.
In regards to how one can assist themselves once diagnosed, there are no current treatments available for this disease. As of 2012, there have been many clinical trial attempts to find ways to contain and possibly subside the disease from massively spreading, however, these test have proven to be undetermined and somewhat unsuccessful. A healthy diet incorporated with exercise has been noted as possible solutions to delay the disease in healthier aging individuals, but neither one has obtained medical proof of officially working.
An individuals loved ones plays a huge role in the Alzheimer’s disease. The disease decorates ones brain functions that makes an individual rely on others for assistance. When ones family cannot participate 24/7 with an Alzheimer diagnosed…