Essay on Evaluation and Judgement

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Checkpoint:Evaluation and Judgement

When we evaluate people we tend to evaluate them on their appearance. How they look

or what they are wearing. It is something that i think everyone does. We can really

evaluate a person by having some sort of conversation with them. Having a

conversation with a person can exactly give us sense of what kind of person they are,

rather they are family orientated, have morals or values. We will be able to voice our

opinion but that may change once we get to know the person more. We cant base it on

the first interaction with the person.

These factors play a role in our expectations of people in many of ways. When we talk about expectations of other people we can begin to stereotype others. This is very easy to do because you are judging and this can lead to being wrong about that person. Expectations can lead to hurting your feeling and letting yourself down. You can have high hopes for someone and they may end up showing you different, which makes you upset and disappointed. You can never judge a book by just the cover. Our expectations are not always right and that is what we have to remember.

The disadvantages of these expectation can be how we view someone without even knowing them, these are first impressions which can be a disadvantage. If we go by how a person looks or acts we will never get it right. This is having an opinion about someone and believing