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Mrs. Hickey
ENG 1010
1 March 2013 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Tablets are the new thing in technology today, and there are so many different varieties of them that it’s unreal. I have chosen one to evaluate in this essay and that would be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I am used to using the iPad and am very familiar with their product and am not really familiar with the Samsung Galaxy. I recently purchased one and now I am going to determine the capacity of memory, the design, and the capabilities of this product. I have realized that this is an excellent option in the tablet area, and I am recommending it highly. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has just recently been put on the market. There is an original version and this is an upgrade from that one. “The tablet offers a dual core 1GHz chip, 1 GB of RAM, minimum of 16 GB internal storage, and also offers an extra micro SD slot for extra storage and memory”(Chathum1). This also enables one to take photos or music from other sources and transfer it to the tablet. I have found this quite convenient because I don’t have to use different devices to do different things. I have music and pictures on my laptop but that sometimes gets to be a little too much to carry. Now that I can transfer easily I can carry the tablet with ease. Also the memory card could be full but you can always buy another card and have even more memory and storage.
On the other hand the look of anything is what draws us to purchase it. Obviously if something is bulky, heavy, and unattractive then the consumer would walk right past it. “The new tablet offers endless content access in a sleek design that can maximize the home entertainment experience” (Newstex2). It has a 10.1 inch high definition screen and is easy to transport. The sleek gray color with a real sharp shine to it and doesn’t show dirt, but the only thing is the screen seems to show every fingerprint mark and has to be wiped down daily. The looks of this tablet is definitely appealing and would draw the consumer to it. I am happy with the buy and feel that purchasing the newer iPad would not have satisfied me as much as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I highly suggest at least trying this product out before deciding on a purchase of a tablet. In addition to all of the other aspects, of course the…