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Evaluation of Mi Pueblo Gladys Berry 1 Every week on my off day, I take my children to a different type of restaurant to experience different types of culture. This is what I consider broadening my children's horizon. Even though we are American citizens I want my children to experience and be open to all the cultures in America. This week we decided to go to Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant. To evaluate Mi Pueblo restaurant three criteria will be used: the cultural impact, the service, the quality of the food. The first criterion used to evaluate cultural impact begins upon arriving at the restaurant. There was a multi colorful sombrero at the top of the building with Mi Pueblo in big red letters going across it. Walking into the restaurant gave my children and I a more Mexican cultural atmosphere. The music was more so of Latin alternative, which is a mix of rock, hip-hop, and electronica. Although, these were good Mexican influences to make one embrace Mexican culture there was no translation in the music. My children and I may have gotten more into the feel of the Mexican music if it was in English and one could understand the words they were saying. The second criterion used to evaluate this restaurant is service. The workers were welcoming and had a strong Mexican accent but to my surprise knew English. It did not take them long to seat my children and I nor did it take them awhile to tend to our wants. The waitress took the time out and gave a vivid explanation of the dishes that my children and I did not understand. Although, the service was beyond most the strong accents made the communication less effective. I had to listen for familiar words that I've heard other Latinos use to