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When constructing the presentation on whether ‘Autism is considered a disability’ there were numerous difficulties that I faced, such as trying to keep the notion of disability running throughout the poster and teasing that notion. I overcame these obstacles by doing research on the definition of disability and the relation it has with autism. Whether autism is considered as a disability, if so, how? By answering these questions I was able to understand the similarities, differences and how they tie in together by defining both separately through the correct research I was also able to come to the understanding that it is dependent on what angle you look at the definitions and how they are applied to individuals.
I put together a variety of definitions from various sources in order to come to a balanced conclusion and have an outside perspective on what individuals go through who are labelled as disabled, what it means to them to face this labialisation within society and how it fits in with the various models. I researched each model and their relevance to disability and autism, I explained and went into depth on how each individual model is linked to disability and autism. I included images of the autism spectrum explaining the severity from each end of the spectrum and how it can be quite mild to a high severity, to the point where some individuals require two to one care at all times, as they can cause harm to themselves or others as they are unaware of their strength or thoughts. I ensured that I was continuously referring back to the question and answering it correctly, ensuring that it is tying in with the models and how they are portrayed within society and how they are valued according to different sources and opinions of others.
When my work was assessed by my peers, they gave positive and constructive…