Evaluation: Gambling and Macau Essay

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Evaluation of a Vacation Destination
Do you know where is Macau? I think most of people don’t know where it is locate, especial for people from western country. Macau is a special administrative region of China. When people are talking about Macau, the gambling, big casinos, and different luxurious hotels are people’s first impression about Macau. Many common families think that Macau is not a best vacation destination, they know that it is too expensive to visit Macau, some entertainments also are unhealthy for their children and afraid of the local social security. I want to say Macau is a nice place deserve you to visit.
Change people’s attitude about Macau is very important for them visit there. I think people’s impression about Macau just from some medias, such as TV and website. They don’t know what a real Macau it is. Their judgment only by some untrue information. This is an essential problem why people’s attitude about Macau is bad. I will introduce people about Macau through four criteria, location, entertainment, social security, and cost.
Macau is a nice place for people to visit. It located on southeast of China. It surrounded by island and ocean. The weather here is better than other places. In the article Macau Weather and Climate mentioned that “the best season is autumn from September to November, people can wear a sweater in cooler night”(Macau Weather and Climate). There is a big airport, and people from different country can direct fly to Macau. Some east Asian people also can take a boat to here. It very continent for people to come to Macau to relax yourself and have a wonderful time. Macau has one of the forth biggest casinos in the world, so the most famous entertainment in Macau is gambling. According to LOI KIM-IENG and WOO GON KIM said “gaming is essentially its only tourist attraction. Macau received more than 27 million visitors, mostly for gambling. Macau’s status as a gambling paradise is evidenced by the fact that around 50 percent of tourists coming to Macau are day-trippers”(Kim,269). Many people think gambling is not a good behavior in their daily life, I want to say that gambling in Macau is legal, I suggest that people had better gamble in here just once time is ok. I think people’s experience is more important than how much they win in Macau. There are many different kind of parks in here. You can find exciting in the park, like the roller coaster. People also can go to many traditional Chinese temples in Macau. The most famous is Matsu temples. It’s said that “Macau” its name from this temple. Macau’s nightlife is also various. For example, Sue Whtiehead note that “ features plumes of water and jets of fire shimmering and dancing to classical and popular music. The spectacle is presented at 15 minutes intervals from 11.00 to midnight daily”(Sue, entertainment and nightlife). In a word, there are many choices for family to enjoy their time. Family are very worry about Macau’s social security, they know that Macau has many gangdoms from some movies. From my own experience, I want to tell everyone Macau is more safety than you imagine. Travelers can see police everywhere. If you have emergency, the police