Essay on Evaluation of Lewiston Airport

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Student Name: Pamela PengInstructor’s Name: Michael Benedict
Course#: ENGL-101-L104
Essay 2; Final Draft
Date: 10/13/2014
Evaluation of Lewiston Airport
As the society has developed, the transportation is more and more important. A large number of people would like to choose airplane rather than cars, ships, subway or train because it’s absolutely faster by air than others. Specially, airport condition is one of the most important factors for people to select, and it means people would like to take the flight if the airplane is good enough. There is a small airport in Lewiston named “Lewiston-Nez Perce Country Regional Airport”. It’s quite clear that Lewiston is super tiny, there are not so many people like in big city and just a few people need to take airplane every day, it’s totally uncrowded and convenient in some ways, but some inconvenient services also exist in the airport.
The Lewiston-Nez Perce Country Regional Airport is the gateway to North Central Idaho, Southern Washington, and Northeastern Oregon. The airport only has one floor, including one gate, one small store, luggage claim, two ticket offices, one departure lounge and one restroom. Besides, the region is nearly paradise for those who fish or hunt, and you're only 30 minutes away from two land-grant universities. In a word, Lewiston airport is only one reason this place is Great!
Compared to other airports, Lewiston airport has its own advantages. Most people agree that waiting is a huge issue for passengers, especially when aircraft delays occur. Lewiston airport does well in this point. More specifically, strong Wi-Fi is provided here, which is one of the most significant conditions for passengers. In China, only a few international airports provide Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi is strong enough, so this must be a good condition as far as I can see. Also, the airport has many seats around baggage claim areas and ticket sale areas; therefore, people can use Internet and take a rest when they are waiting. Additionally, the airport has automatic doors, which are fairly helpful, so that’s totally fine even if people take a lot of baggage.
On the contrary, Lewiston airport has also some weaknesses in services. First of all, there must be some hotels around the airport, or they should provide some rest rooms for passengers inside the airport. For this thesis, I would like to use my own experience to explain. It’s near 11:00 pm the first day I arrived at Lewiston airport. I was strongly tired and sleepy and I was alone with much stuff at that time. Of course, I was excited too because I finally arrived, and I just guessed I could go to hotels, take a shower and get some sleep. I ordered a nearby hotel then I was waiting for taxi outside the airport. Actually, I didn’t know that we have to call the taxi if we need service. I waited for an hour before, I found that there is not any taxi or bus. Then I gave up waiting, stopped to walk around and tried to find an available hotel. Unfortunately, I failed. There are not any hotels around the airport so I decided to come back to the airport and spend all night here. However, even worse, when I went into the airport, a person just asked me to leave the airport before 3:00 am because they will turn off all the lights and close the door. I was like falling into hell at that time, this is quite puzzling. Generally speaking, hotels are needed around the airports, especially for non-local people. In addition, all the airports, except Lewiston airport that I have seen before, have particular rest rooms in the airport. Therefore, people who want to stay in the airport all the night can.
Secondly, the airport express bus should be offered here. As we all know, living area is usually far away from airports, so airport express bus definitely plays a significant part in this situation. Lewiston airport has no airport express bus, which is totally not convenient for passengers and also for some people who have no cars and then…