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I and my partner had 45 minutes to carry out a session teaching students in our class skills and activities to do with football. We used our own knowledge as well as doing some research on our chosen sport to decide what we would carry out and focus on during the session. I will do an evaluation of my session rating myself out of 10 and commenting on what I felt my strengths and weaknesses were.
Knowledge; 8/10
Although I don’t play football I feel I know a good amount about the sport as I am a huge football fan and enjoy watching all football and analysing players and see what strengths they posses also some weakness that they may acquire. To improve I could read some coaching books and books about the football to sharpen up my knowledge. Organisation prior to session; 7/10
To improve my rating I could have set up the session before the all the participants arrived then would have had more time to do activities instead, however they still had plenty to take part in the session. I knew what I was going to do before starting the session so I didn’t have to hesitate and think what I have to do to set up.
Organisation during session; 8/10
I felt my organisation during the session went well the participants behaved well so it helped. Also I knew what I was going to do during the session so could start planning out the next activity whilst the students finished off their previous activity.
Time management; 9/10
During my session I felt I managed my time well as I did not have to rush any of my activities, they had long enough at station to learn something new or improve a skill the students already had.
Managing a group; 9/10
The participants were respectful and did not misbehave so it was easy to control the group and tell them what to do and what not to do. To improve it could be beneficial to watch a member of the teaching staff as they have to control groups of pupils on a day to day basis and have to control a group making sure no one mucks around.
Decision making; 7/10
I choose to use the football pitch for my session as we were doing a football session so it made sense. But didn’t use the fist team pitch as it would be beneficial to keep that pitch in as good as condition. To improve I could of done a bit of research on the what levels the students were at in football to make sure what they were doing was all beneficial.
Verbal communication; 8/10
I felt I used my verbal communication well as I spoke clearly and loudly although I had to sometimes repeat myself to some individuals on occasion
Visual communication; 6/10
This was perhaps one of my down points as I could have given more demonstrations than I did. However I did some the students what