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Evaluation/ project review.
For my planning I decided to use Microsoft word, I chose this software as I am familiar with it, I also find that it is the easiest to use. I made sure my reports were clear and simple by asking my test buddy to check them and give me feedback, I also asked my teacher for feedback, they both said I didn’t need to change anything to make is easier to understand. This task took me a lot of time to complete and I didn’t really get on with it, but I had help from my teacher and friends who helped me finalise it.
Meal card
I opted on roast pork with crackling, peas, roast potatoes and apple source because I think that this meal has the nutrients and protein within the meat and the minerals that you need in the vegetables. I also chose fruit cake as the dessert because it only has 13% fat and it has one of your 5 a day therefore it has goodness in it. I got all the information on my portion sizes, the fat content and calories from researching on the internet and cookery books. When I was researching the food on the internet I found an image of a roasted pork leg that looked incredibly appetising, that was the picture I decided to use. I asked for feedback on my meal card so I could change it if necessary, and I wanted to make my meal card attract my target audience so I decided to use appropriate colours in which were my house style.

Information point
I knew what to put in my information point by using the “DIDA” website, this gave me all the information I needed to know and what I have to write. I made an information point to encourage students to challenge themselves and take up a new challenge. I wanted to influence people to get active, I chose getting active because I think it is the most important challenge… I got good feedback about changing my information point colour, I decided then to put it into my house style which I should have done anyway. To improve my information point I could add more useful information about all the challenges.

Challenge card
I decided which topic to do for my challenge card from the survey I did, I chose “getting active”, I chose it because it was a popular choice and because I thought it would be a fun challenge to take part in. I know my image is suitable because the challenge is for trying to get active so I used a healthy food to it up, I also asked a test buddy to check over my work and see if all the information was appropriate, she replied back saying yes but I should change the colour into my house style, she also said that my challenge card is simple and easy to understand. All of my feedback was very useful to me because it helped me improve my work. I knew what information needed to be recorded because I followed the step by step plan on the “ADIDA” website, this gave me helpful advice. To progress in my poster and make it more attractive I could have added some more beneficial information and added another picture so it looks better.

I know that my charts are simple to understand because I have asked people to check them and give me feedback; the feedback I got was to change my colour so it matched my house style and they also commented on how easy to understand it was. The purpose of my questionnaire is to find out about healthy eating within the Olympics, the target audience would be people who are interested in the Olympics or who…