International Aeronautical And Maritime Search And Rescue Manual

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The research paper is an evaluation, appraisal and constructive criticism of the International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue Manual, Volume III (version 2008). The success of coming up with the paper relates to the completion of three practical lectures at the university of Plymouth simulator. In addition, also a deep investigation assisted in supporting the material of this paper. The practical section of the research involved dividing the class into six groups of three people, and each group leads a ship to work on specified search and rescue scenario. These scenarios signified the real life scenarios, where each ship had her own characteristics and capabilities.

1. Introduction:

1.1 Aim:

The aims of
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More so, it contains some calculations for finding the expected positions for the effects. On the other hand, this section provides the navigation with proper methods for intercepting the affected body. Moreover, the section includes few rescue plans and equipments, and the supplies types and ways of delivery. The section is a provision for after-the-rescue actions in details, care of survivors, handling the deceased persons, and contact with the media (IMO & ICAO, 2008).

2.4 On-Scene Co-ordination

The on-scene co-ordination section describes the actions in the operation time, starting with the requirements needed for the coordination, off shore co-ordination cases, with the expected availability of the facility types in different regions (IMO & ICAO, 2008).

Moreover, in case of two or more facilities involved in the operation one of them must take charge. The person in charge has the tittle of the On-Scene co-ordinator (OSC), whose duties are outlined in the manual. However, in case an aircraft is involved in the operation the OSC must take charge. Additionally, the manual shows the duties of an Aircraft co-ordinator (ACO). In case a new aircraft joins the operations, then the ACO must provide a detailed report after the search and rescue mission. The communications involved by the ACO and OSC are clear in this section