Essay about Evaluation of the Strategic Management in the Global Competitive Environment.

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The purpose of this report is to evaluate the process of the strategic management in the global competitive environment.
The globalization of the business in our environment has been a source for global organizations to incorporate the process of a global strategic management.
In this report, we are going to propose three different frameworks from three different group of authors: Yip, Johnson and Scholes, and Cavusgil and Zou.
However, theses proposed framework would be analysed and compared and we would give a critical evaluation of theses frameworks.
Through this evaluation we would give some examples about relevant companies in order to explain the theories, and how does the competitive environment affect
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In more specific terms strategic management, “includes understanding the strategic position of an organisation, making strategic choices for the future and managing strategy in action”, (Johnson and Scholes, 2008).

Nonetheless, we are not going to describe more this relevant section because it would take part on the second part of the report, i.e. in the comparison of the different framework defining the global strategy and strategic management.

Indeed on the one hand we are going to explore one relevant framework from Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes, as a part of their book entitled, Exploring Corporate Strategy, 8th Edition, 2008.
On the other hand we are going to analyse another framework that is to say the Yip’s framework from his book, Total Global Strategy, (2003).


1. Presentation of the model

As we have seen previously, Johnson and Scholes have defined strategic management with some key elements such as the “strategic position of an organisation, its strategic choices and for the future and managing strategy in action”, (2008).
Thus theses three elements are the key concepts of their model “ The Exploring Corporate Strategy Model”.

This model presents three interconnected circles which are The Strategic Postion, Strategic Choices and Strategic Action.

Strategic position includes:
1 Culture
2 Capability
3 Environment
4 Purpose

Strategy in Action includes:
1 Processes
2 Resourcing