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Fight Club is the story of two men who become friends. One of them, played by Edward Norton, is somewhat timid compared with his dramatic and overenthusiastic friend Tyler, played by Brad Pitt. These two friends then form a system of underground boxing clubs which after a period of time ends up turning into a terrorist organization. This terrorist organization has the goal of taking down established society. About two thirds of the way through the movie, a time line takes a twist. Everything that had happened up until this point in the movie actually has two meanings now. They used the twist ending to lead up to an exciting and unexpected ending.
This movie uses many interesting practices. The Edward Norton character speaks to the audience in voiceover through the entire movie. I have seen this done in other movies but hardly ever as effectively as in this one. I believe it helps the audience to understand the inner thoughts of the character, which is more important the further into the movie you get. There are also parts that seem like they are using them as a comic effect but you find out later on that they turn out to be meaningful. For example, in the first parts of the movie we are told how the main character is a tourist in medical support groups and he likes to pretend he has cancer or other diseases so he can be able to be there with the groups. But then later on one of the humorous characters he meets through one of the medical support groups becomes an important…