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“Red Scarf Girl” questions

1. This book really changed the way I felt about the Cultural Revolution in China. It also changed how I thought about dictators all together. I always knew that dictators like Hitler and Mussolini were bad but I never actually knew who Chairman Mao was and now I see that he was very bad. I think that the Chinese suffered greatly during this time. The hardships they were put through were horrible. You had to work long hours for absolutely no pay. In addition, if you disagreed with anything Chairman Mao said you were persecuted. Lastly, I think it was wrong to take the history so seriously and take some of it as unimportant. For example, if you had a bad class background, you could not participate in many activities, but if you had a precious historical object that was very important you would have it taken away. 2. The cultural revolution took place in the 1960’s-70’s It’s purpose was to make all of the Chinese people have equal rights no matter how much money they had. It was also to make China a world power. This had a huge impact on the rest of the world. It made many precious Chinese artifacts disappear and never return. It also made the other parts of the world more aware of communism. 3. The four olds were one of the main enemies of the red guards, they were: old ideas, old culture, old customs, old habits. The four olds were all confiscated or destroyed. Some things that may have been confiscated or destroyed are: artifacts, books, religious items, rare items, relics, and family heirlooms. 4. Some da-zi-bao saying were very offensive to the educational system. An example is: Teacher Li abuser of the young. Teacher Li may have been mean and harsh when students did not do their work but she was certainly not an abuser of the young. Another was when the principals name was crossed out in red ink. They never even explained what the principal did they just assumed he was bad since he was in the educational system. They also claimed Ji Li had a relationship with an older male teacher. Lastly they said that teachers were evil for holding people back since they did not do their work. I think that it was ok for the teacher to hold the student back because he obviously did not do well in school so he was detained. 5. The toughest decision Ji Li had to make was breaking with her family. I think she chose the right thing by not breaking with them. Her family has cared for her all of her life and if she separates with them she will never be with them until the revolution ends. Ji Li had to make many other tough decisions too. She had to write a da-zi-bao about some of her favorite teachers and betray her aunt.

6. Ji Li is pressured to break with her black family by the communists telling her she can be an educable child. She wants to be good and follow Chairman Mao’s standards but she also wants to stay with her family and live a normal life. In the end she runs away from the communists and decided to stay with her black family even though she