Radio's Discussion On The Future Of Immigration In Texas

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Danya Martinez
GOVT 2301.02
Texas Tribune: Immigration On Friday, February 27, 2015, I attended the Texas Tribune’s discussion on the future of immigration in Texas. We were given name tags right when we entered the Grand Salon then sat in round tables. Around eleven thirty, everyone was able to stand and help themselves to the foods they had served in trays and bowls on the back tables so that we could easily grab what we’d like.
The discussion began promptly at twelve. It began with the president of UTB presenting the four panelists: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, Eddie Lucio Jr., Eddie Lucio III, and Ruben O. Villarreal. They talked about having a compassionate approach to immigration. Dreamers should be able to be in the U.S. because they pledge allegiance to the flag every day in our schools, to our Texas flag. They have been good citizens even though they are not true citizens, but the time they’ve been here, they’ve been good neighbors. They are ready to graduate and become part of American society, which Lucio Jr. declares, can become great contributors. After being asked about her thoughts about the executive order and where we’re headed with it, Correa-Cabrera explains that they can’t deport everyone because it’s too costly for the American economy. She continues by stating that Obama is providing a temporary solution to a problem that cannot be solved because of an impasse in congress. Lucio III adds that we shouldn’t hinder the opportunity of students to get a higher education just because of immigration issues. The spokesperson Evan Smith transitions into the topic of border security. Lucio Jr. is then asked about his thoughts on the National Guard troops being deployed for too long along the border with his answer being that he supports that idea to serve and help the law enforcement agencies by combating the “drug infestation” that’s