Evangelical Church Essay

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23 October 2013

The church I chose to study for this project was the evangelical church. I chose to study the evangelical church for many reasons. One of the reasons being I never really had any knowledge of the religion. I knew the evangelical religion wasn’t completely different from Catholicism. That n itself drew a lot of interest from me. I never really researched many other religions besides my own. Researching other religions such as this one give me reassurance as to why I practice the religion I do. One thing that I really liked about the Evangelical religion was the fact that their masses aren’t all completely serious and they include a lot of up beat music. I believe that would make church a lot more interesting and would cause people to have to get involved. When I first decided to research the Evangelical religion I wanted to learn a number of things. I wanted to learn what the large differences are between it and Catholicism. Another thing I was interested in was if the priest, pastor, or whatever name they may go by is able to get married. Turns out, there is no pastor or priest so their was not a rule relating to the question of can they be married. Those are two of the large things I wanted to learn about. It really intrigues me learning about other religions. The biggest reason being it educates me as to what other religious people go through and believe. I went into the project not knowing much at all about the religion. One of the biggest things I took away from this was that they do not have a pastor or priest. The fact that they do not have any one person lead their services really interests me. Personally, I would like to go to an evangelical service to how different it would be from a catholic mass. I also learned that the religion is most popular in South America. In the United States, it is most popular in