Evening in Guanima Coursework Essay

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It is almost certain that in writing “Miss Annie” and “The Gaulin Wife” Patricia Glinton was warning Bahamian men to not take women for granted. The depiction of women on the two folk tales include humble, competitive, lonely, inquisitive, and fierce. Various of our Bahamian women have these traits. Hence, the stories are indeed a reflection on Bahamian women. “This loving husband made the garden for his wife Annie, who loved the beauties of nature, perhaps, because she was one of them. The writer uses a metaphor comparing Annie to the “beauties of nature” This is to describe how beautiful Miss Annie was. Imagery is also shown because comparing Annie to the beauty of nature gives the reader a sense of sight imaging you can see Annie …show more content…
This illustrates foreshadowing the writer says this to show how the grandmother warns her grandson about being too particular in his choice of women and how it will have a toll later on in his marriage. ’til you pick needle without eye’ shows the use of personification, the writer shows us that being too choosy has its bad motif. The novelist shows how wise the grandmother is. This ties in the theme Never judge a book by its cover, the grandson was obviously only concerned about appearance. The writer shows competiveness in this quote “Each lady was eager to do anything to see her daughter standing my his side…”. With the use of characterization the writer explains to us how each lady would fight to mend, cook, or do something that would make the handsome young man choose their daughter to marry, this really brings out who they really are and how desperate they we’re. “Arms became wings, feet became talons, and the screams continued to fill the air”. Transformation is now being showed the writer uses description to show how the once beautiful women turns into a gaulin and also shows how fierce they became. “Arms became wings, feet became talons” represents a metaphor similarity telling the reader how the arms of the once beautiful women turned into wings like a bird and also how their feet transformed into talons. “His wife strange habits and lack of child made him thoroughly miserable”. The writer uses an annoyed tone to show this trait because