Event: Advertising and Sports Sponsorship Essay

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Hospitality and Sponsorship Manager
Who and Why
Sports: nike, Adidas’s, new balance, adics, converse, fila, puma, reebok
Retailers: co-op, tesco, Sainsbury’s, vitamin supplements,
Bakery and snacks: Hovis Bakery, United Biscuits, Ryvita, mars UK Ltd
Beer: Merrydown, Heineken International, AB InBev (Budweiser),
Cider: Addlestones Cloudy, Brothers, Carling British Cider, Chaplin&Corks, Rekorderlig
Beverages and softdrinks: Pepsi, Coca Cola, Highland Spring, AG Barr Plc
Restaurants: local restarutants
What they need to provide
F&B, including alcohol (assigned suppliers)
Where to put their advertisement:
Corporate boxes
Site advertising
Print on players’ uniforms
Why sponsor
Sales lead generation; speaking opportunity; product placement; social media buzz; awareness; hospitality; branding/PR; naming rights; product sampling
How they gain
Sport sponsorship is one of the most efficient and economical ways to promote brands and products through an emotional environment.
Sponsors gain high visibility and a fully-comprehensive engagement platform for brand building, relationship management, and campaigning. We can help companies create brand-related conversations across all media through sponsorship and activation strategies by developing customised presentation and fan engagement approaches Consultation is provided on the effectiveness of sponsorship and for evaluation of appropriate investment.
Consumer Psychological Approach Consumer psychological approach to sports sponsorship has focused on consumers’ cognitive and affective response. For example, awareness of sports sponsorship and brand name, recognition of sports events after termination and image fit between events and sponsor are good example of research steam in perspective of consumer psychology and behaviour (Bennett, Henson and Zhang, 2002; Koo, Morris and Flynn, 2006; Miloch and Lambert, 2006; Mason and Cochetel, 2006; Harvey, Gray and Despain, 2006). Financial Evaluation Approach
With the increased use of event study on sports-related sponsorships, marketers are able to assess the economic value of sponsorship. Much effort has been made to investigate the influence of sports sponsorship on response in stock market using event study. Abnormal stock return has been a good indicator to identify stock price changes in stock market because of sports sponsorship (Miyazaki and Morgan, 2001; Kim and Morris, 2003; Prutt, Cornwell and Clark,
2004; Sneath, Finney and Close, 2005).
A strong B2B benefit of a Games sponsorship is that all sponsors find they have joined a club that provides a platform for marketing relevant products and services direct to some of the world’s leading corporations.
Benefits B2B Sponsors Seek
Brands pay to have executives “speak” at events because they want to establish thought leadership.
-Deliver the audience
-Not necessarily keynote