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Current Event Essay #3
December 4th, 2014
PSY 101-092 WB
Edwin Rivas The article given is about how women choose their husbands, and study has shown that most of the husbands that the women choose are look alike to the woman’s husband. Women use a process called sexual imprinting, which is when an individual learns the characteristics of a desirable mate, and help he or she find a specific mate. Therefore, the wife and husband will have similar characteristics because the wife picks out a husband with the characteristics of her father. This is where selective breeding comes in, because the wife looks for specific traits in her spouse that looks like her father. For example, throughout a woman’s pre adolescent years, she learns the characteristics of her father, and the way he looks. Studies have shown that women marry men that have features of her father as well. It is as if the father is a “mental model” for her future husband, as the article states. Also, studies have shown that father and daughter relationship that have the most emotional warmth show that the son-in-law of the father will look like each other. Another example that the article showed was how students were shown three pictures, one with a wife and four possibilities of a husband, an adoptive father’s picture of when his daughter was 2-8 years old and had to pick out the possible husband, and an adoptive mother’s picture showing who would be the daughters husband. The students