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Hobbs Wharf Market
Gulf Harbour Whangaparaoa North Auckland

General description of event
Hobbs Wharf Market is a new market which has been running for a year in a growing community-Fairway Bay Community.
It was named after the family that originally farmed the area and who gave their name to the community.
It's kind of Sunday morning community activities for family gathering, opens on every Sunday 10a.m to 2p.m.
The market includes all kinds of stalls which offer food,veges, jewelery ,arts and crafts as well as kids entertainment on weekend.
Main visitors are from local community families. The event is set alongside the beautiful Gulf Harbor Marina in
Whangaparaoa and situated in front of the wharf and beside the beach.
Hobbs Wharf Market is a type of commercial business event, it was supported and funded by Fairway
Bay Community, the Cafe revenue in the market is purely belong to the community and the rest of stall sellers are paying
NZD$10-$40 per day depends on different season. The Cafe and the stalls rent are the main resources of making profit.

Natural place and open ground
Keep in harmony with trees boats and farms around market.
The venue with square land and flat topography
Got huge ground for parking, spacious market space get organized well for everyone walk through the pathway. The venue is suiting for the outdoor events for relaxation on weekend social activities.

Key logistics chanllenges
Weather--might affected by raining or temperature.
Transportation--Less accessibility to venue (No bus neither train)
Limitation of location--Less knowledge about venue.
Effective Marketing--how to advertise the new growing event.
Less formal--Less toilets. Not enough resting area.
The market gets a little rush when it turned to lunch time from11:00a.m to12:30p.m.

Less toilets--Will temporary toilets.

arrange more

Less seats-- The organizer put some extra outdoor benches around market corners.
Rush in the peak time-- There are 2 staffs who work as part time security tried to get people organized to avoid any incident happened.
Logistic of the set-up tools-- All the tools will