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Cirque du Freaks’
Wacky Olympics

Task: You are coordinating an all-day outdoor “Wacky Olympics” offsite team-building event for 100 employees of a corporation, including ten track and field events, a catered luncheon under a tent, refreshments, hospitality areas for persons accompanying the attendees, and a means of displaying corporate branding images. (Page 92, # 2)

Figure 1Cirque du Freaks portrait. Courtesy of Coney Island Freak Show
The event is a Cirque du Freaks’ themed Wacky Olympics, Luncheon and Freak Show. The purpose of this event is to provide a fun and uninhibited platform to help rekindle team workmanship and communication amongst the co-workers and
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Cirque du Freaks’ Luncheon and Show The Cirque du Freaks’ Luncheon and Freak Show will be held under the big tent. The theme for the luncheon is that of a wacky circus or Cirque du Freaks’. The Cirque du Freaks theme will be carried through throughout the event, from the exotic menu to the authentic Freak Show to walking Cirque du Freaks’ artists. With an atmosphere that of a big tent circus, attendees will be entertained by the sounds of a real carnival/circus. Fire Eaters and contortionists will be walking around greeting attendees.
Location Analysis
The fairgrounds are located near the center of town, just blocks from the Corporate Office. The fact that the event location is near the office will lend itself to participants familiar with the area and there is a high possibility that everyone will arrival on time (which is key to the timing of the scheduled events).
Surround Vicinity The location selected is in the heart of the city. We are only a mere two blocks from the corporate office. Although we will be located in such a high trafficked area, the fairground is off set from the street and is located behind the tent. There are many amenities surrounding the event location. There is a grocery store and hardware store within a mile just in case any additional supplies are needed.
The event location is easily accessible by cars. Public transportation is located two blocks west of the venue.