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Evaluative Essay Events at the Island The anticipation had been killing me for months. My aunt had bought us tickets to go and see a stand-up comedy show at Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Red Wing, Minnesota. I was really looking forward to seeing my second comedy show ever and was also looking forward to experiencing a new venue.
Treasure Island not only has a casino and hotel but also has a three thousand seat event and convention center. The great part about Treasure Island is that all of the buildings are connected so you don’t have to step foot outside once you’ve parked your car in one of the many parking lots. Treasure Island has many amenities that accommodate to a variety of different ages. There is a twenty four lane bowling alley, pool with hot tub, daycare center, and buffet and bingo hall.
Upon entering the lobby of the event center I noticed a huge bar with plenty of bartenders where long lines of people were waiting for beverages to enjoy while watching the comedy show. I also noticed lots of yellow jackets that I later noted were security guards. You could clearly see where the lines were to enter the main event center area. Once you walked through those doors there was another main corridor that again led to another set of doors for the seating area. It was hard to distinguish which door to enter but the friendly ushers quickly noticed and helped lead us right to our seats. My group needed wheelchair access so we sat in the front row of our section. There was plenty of leg room and still room for others to walk by. The chairs we sat in had nice and fluffy seats and back rest.
While we waited for the show to start there was a live band playing which helped add to the energy in the room. The speakers were at just the right level and had a clear crisp sound to them. I noticed that there were five sections of bleacher seating and five sections of banquet seating. The staged was raised making it easier for everyone to see. The two very large screens on either side of the stage made sure that everyone in the room got a great view of the stage.
The show began with an