Events For 1301 Historical History

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1. Know the presidents and their opponents from 1844 till 1876.
2. Know the development of political parties from 1844 till 1876.
3. Know the reasons for the Mexican War, its outcome and the final results.
4. Know the events that propelled the North and South toward Civil War.
5. Know the advantages of the Union and the Confederates in the Civil War.
6. Know the military campaigns of the Civil War.
7. Know the stages in the liberation of the slaves.
8. Know the steps taken to make ex-slaves full citizens.
9. Know the differences between the executive and legislative branches in reconstructing the South.
10. Know how and why Reconstruction failed.
11. Know the costs and benefits of the Civil War.


Election of 1844
James Polk
Annexation of Texas
Mexican War
Zachary Taylor
Winfield Scott
Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo
Wilmot's Proviso
California Gold Rush
Brigham Young
Election of 1848
Free-Soil Party
Millard Fillmore
Compromise of 1850
Fugitive Slave Act
Election of 1852
Franklin Pearce
Ostend Manifesto
Stephen Douglas
Kansas-Nebraska Act
"Bleeding Kansas"
John Brown
Republican Party
Know-Nothing Party
Great Potato Famine
Charles Sumner
Election of 1856
James Buchanan
John C Fremont
Dred Scott Decision
Roger Taney
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Raid on Harper's Ferry
Election of 1860
Crittenden Amendment
"Fire Eaters"
Fort Sumter
Abraham Lincoln
Jefferson Davis
West Virginia
Homestead Act
First Battle of Bull Run
Stonewall Jackson
George McClellan
Monitor vs Merrimac
Robert E Lee
Ulysses S Grant
Capture of New Orleans
Battle of Antietam
Emancipation Proclamation
Battle of Chancellorsville
Draft Riots
Battle of Gettysburg
Pickett's Charge
Siege of Vicksburg