Events Leading To Revolution

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Events Leading to Revolution- * King George III and his advisors think colonists should help pay for wars such as the Seven Years’ War and the French and Indian war. * Parliament passed laws to increase taxes on colonists; colonists resented taxes and saw it as an attack on their rights. * In March 1770, British soldiers opened fire on a crowd of angry colonists; five died and was later called the Boston Massacre. * December 1773, colonists threw cargo of British tea into harbor to protest the tax on tea. Later called Boston Tea Party. * Continental Congress forms and creates Continental army with George Washington in command.
In April 1775, war started, with British winning most battles.
In 1776 Continental Congress declares independence from Britain. Thomas Jefferson, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, based it off of the ideas of John Locke. Declaration of Independence * Gave a right to revolt * Emphasized popular sovereignty (all government power comes from the people) * Detailed colonist grievances against Britain.
Continental army had little military resources and experience compared to the power of the British army, but had the advantage of fighting on their land.
To combat this, the British army created alliances with colonies, Native American groups, and offered to free any enslaved men willing to fight for them.
In 1777, Americans defeated British in battle of Saratoga. This influenced support from France, Spain, and