Every Child Matters Change For Children

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REGULATIONS – Area 3 : Q9 – Q11

'Every Child Matters: Change for Children' recognises that pupil performance and well-being go hand in hand: pupils can’t learn if they don’t feel safe or if health problems are allowed to create barriers and doing well in education is the most effective route for young people out of poverty and disaffection.
The policy encourages schools to offer a range of extended services to help pupils engage, achieve and build stronger relationships with parents and the wider community. The policy also supports closer collaboration between schools and specialist services to ensure early identification and effective support for pupils with additional needs.
Schools hold information on pupils and in doing so, must follow the requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act. This means that data held about pupils must only be used Schools hold information about children and adults and they process it in a number of ways to improve the quality and standard of their provision. All personal data needs to be kept safe and made available only to those who are authorised to access it.
-personal data – data relating to any living individual, or from which a living individual can be identified; this can take the form of electronic or manual records as well as photographic and CCTV images
- sensitive personal data – personal data relating to an individual’s mental or physical health, race, ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs, sex life or trade union membership
- data subject – an individual to whom any personal data relates
- data controller – any organisation that is responsible for processing personal data
- data processor – any organisation that processes personal data on behalf of a data controller for specific purposes that are allowed by the Act.

It is important to reassuring children , young people and adults of the confidentially of shared