Every Second Counts Book Report Essay

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Good day fellow movie executives. Today I am here to give you something new, something that will open the eyes of the oblivious. I present to you: No Choirboy. Now, you’re probably asking yourselves, “What makes No Choirboy such a great read that it should be turned into a movie?” Well, I’m here to tell you just that. This non­fiction novel by Susan Kuklin opens the eyes of the readers as prisoners share their experiences of what it has been like to survive on death row and their thoughts and feelings of how they ended up there. The boys presented in this book are all different in their own way with different backgrounds. However, they all have one thing in common­ they ended up being accused of murder and sent to death row before the age of 18. The author does a great job describing the pain and agony these teens had to go through and are still going through; but is it really enough? If you chose to buy the movie rights to this book, the viewer will be able to physically see the emotions that these prisoners project. Writing “his body convulsed onto the floor” and actually seeing the jagged movements as his eyes slip into whiteness and his body fall rigid onto the cold floor are two different things. Just simply scanning the text of a description of the anger one’s felt isn’t enough; you have to actually be able to see it with your own eyes to behold the rage they felt in that moment­ as their eyebrows crease, a vein pops out from the side of their neck and their face turns 10 shades redder. Now, this book isn’t all that gruesome. After all, these were teens­ kids if you will­ who committed the crime and have regretted it ever sense. The first character presented is
Roy Burgess. He was always a good kid until he shot Kevin Gardner in the head while going to a party. Roy explains that he felt horrible after shooting Kevin and ever since then

has had to deal with the prison life of older, more violent, men trying to take advantage of him. The second boy’s name is Mark Melvin. Unlike Roy, Mark was always causing trouble by disrespecting his family and moving in and out of juvenile. Mark and his older brother were stealing farm equipment when a couple caught them. Mark’s older brother convinced him that the only way to keep them from going to jail was to kill the couple.
Consequently, he shot the husband while his brother shot the wife. Mark’s brother completely blamed him for the murders. Mark was sentenced to death row and his brother only got 20 years in prison. He deals with his pain of being in prison by drawing and listening to music. The third person’s name is Nanon Williams. Nanon and his friends went to the park to make a cocaine drug deal. Nanon and his friend Vaal were both armed. Two others were also there but were not…