Everyday Use Story by Alice Walker Essay

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Everyday Use
By Alice Walker

T one- This story , in my opinion, does not possess the warm-hearted, jolly, and happy side of a short story, we’d expect from a title, such as Everyday Use. Instead, this story is a more refreshing realistic tone of life and the harshness it may possess. There is a perfectly adequate amount of crudeness in the story, especially within the lifestyle of these individuals. The tone changes as the story continues on. In the beginning the story has a more worrisome, jealousy, and a want to be accepted feel, especially at the opening when it discusses Maggie and how she is ashamed of her burns, then peering at her sister in envy and awe. Then the mother’s want to be accepted by her daughter, Dee, who
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Unlike her is Maggie, a complete opposite, in most ways. Maggie is not as witty and tough as her mother. She in my eyes is more gentle-natured, she has a lack of self-confidence which is projected by the way she carries herself, such as her walk and hiding behind her mother during the photographs after the sisters arrival. Which leads me to the woman who is a desperate need of a reality check, named Dee, she is an individual who picks on others less fortunate and whom have a good-nature to themselves. She shows this when she comes to her family home and begins taking the little they have for herself, and stating the comments she said to her sister before the departure, and finally, stating the comment about never going to bring any company/friends around the home she is so ashamed of, making her seem as if she is a stuck up “female dog”.
etting- The setting basically takes place in a southern region of the USA, in a small rural community. At the home of these three individuals, which is located in hot plain pasture, with a clay ground and it is somewhat dusty. I do not see any bright color schemes anywhere within the story, so I believe the setting’s picture is mainly going to consist of the more of the common brown darker tones with a few lights, mainly fall colors. The small home is a three bedroom, tin roof, cut out sail boat non-round windows, with a tree in the backyard. There is nothing fancy or expensive, mostly