Essay about "Everyman" Perception of Death

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Perception of Death and Treatment of death in "Everyman"

Thesis Statement
Death is perceived in differently in various cultures and tends to impact an individual personally as compared to a group.

Introduction and Thesis Statement
Discussion 1: Perception of Death in various cultures
Discussion 2: How People Treat Death today as an individual
Author’s Perception “Everyman” is a metaphorical story that illustrates the value of life and death. The famous medieval play of the 20th century elucidates around the lifetime journey, the sins, family, and the day of reckoning. Death is perceived distinctively in various cultures and tends to impact an individual personally as compared to a group. The journey to
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Treatment of death can also be seen on the aspect of people who commit suicides and say they are not afraid to die. Alex Lickerman states that majority of people are actually fearing to die painfully, but not the notion that they are dead. He also states that as a person, his belief is that like most Americans, he would like to live his life and enjoy it and not have to just leave. Mr. Lickerman also said that he is afraid of death and expresses it vividly when asked but doesn’t understand why others who are committing suicide want to end their precious life (Lickerman 2009). In terms of medicine, people take decisions in their own hand. They can decide to die earlier or try to live a life more comfortable with hospital care which may cause distress. For example, people with cancer usually know that after being diagnosed they have a limited amount of time to live before they perish. They also know that if they fight like hell and actually try to go through chemo therapy or take aggressive surgeries, they can extend their life. At the same time, several people and their families struggle in coping with the death of a close one. They prefer that any method necessary is required in order to extend a life of a close or loved one. In most cases, people try to make life comfortable for the person dying to make it painless, suffer free, and honor that person’s wishes to live a full life. It is at this stage