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Everyone is human By Sasha Smallwood English Composition 106
Everyone is judged at one point in his or her life. One person might be judged by the color of their skin while others are judged due to something as simple as the clothes that cover their back. Does anyone really stop to think how it affects the inside of a person who is ridiculed about something such as a birth defect in spite of how they may my look on the outside? What if this person is a child that has to go through everyday worried about what jokes might be made that day regarding his or her appearance. What does it say about our society when people are oblivious to their own flaws and have jokes to ridicule someone else about something they have no control over.
Through child hood until the present day I have maintained a friendship with a special person in my life that was born with a disease, called Hairy Nevigh, which tremendously affects her physical appearance. She had moles that cover all of her skin except her eyes and mouth. Growing up I always considered her to be very brave whenever someone would point, stare, and ask her “Do you have chickenpox?” She would always smile and reply to them that she was simply born that way and that they were moles. Of course the children were inquisitive at that point and proceeded to ask questions concerning their welfare such as “can I catch it?” with her cheerfulness and bravery, I was amazed and have always been proud to call her my best friend.

My friend now 21 always says that it has never bothered her for children to question her about her appearance because they are just being inquisitive, and that most adults are just being judgmental at first glance instead of asking about something they don’t understand. For instance when she was an infant, an opinionated man called child protective services and reported her mother for child abuse. He claimed that he had seen a baby that had bruises covering her entire body.
One her wedding day someone from the grooms out of state family that had never seen her before asked if she had painted herself in war paint for the wedding. The women believed that she was Native American and that her moles where part of her make up.
When my friend became pregnant I soon…