Everyone says AHO! Essay

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Everyone says AHO!
Music is the bridge to connect with different cultures; music without any national boundaries. On Friday ,September 20,2013. I attended the musical extravaganza Everyone says AHO! at the Lehman Theater. The concert included musicians from the United States as well as from Latin America who united under the Native American Lakota concept “Aho”(Amen) to find common ground between the indigenous and non-indigenous cultures through music.was my first experience to got close to the Latin American and the Native American Lakota music. The Native American Lakota's music opened a brand new window of music for me; nevertheless, the Lakota's music inspired me about the representation of music.
The Lakota's music used a wooden chair and a guitar as instruments, and the vocal sang with Lakota’s language. I was unable to understand single words of the song; paradoxically, those songs was telling audiences a “story” through the vocal’s voice and transferring the spirit of the composer. My favourite piece of the performed was when the vocal started dance on the floor without her shoes on, the voice she created by tapping her foot was so clean and simple, her movement and the voice syncretized with each other and resonated with the audiences. The Latin American music performed by guitar solo. Therefore, I did not paid much attention to the Latin American music, the huge gap between Lakota’s music and Latin American music were the reason I lost my interest in Latin American music.
I was not expected too much from this musical at the beginning; however, the first song already subverted my mind. The Lakota music created a sharp contrast with the music I usually listen to. I never heard any voice that could be that unimaginably pure,