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Everything ends, and everything matters

Does everything matter? In the novel “Everything matters was written by Ron Currie”. The lives of the narrator Junior Thibodeau changed completely through out the story. The narrator who was a quite intelligent man knew before he was born the exact date and time of the end of the world. He spoke to soon about this and in consequence lost the love of his life. His life changed when the universe gave him a second chance. At first he was about to commit the same mistake twice. Due to the fact, which he still knows when the world is going to end, But by the end of the story he is completely different. In this novel Junior had the chance to make everything okay again. He had a second chance to turn his life over. His greatest mistake was telling Amy that the world was going to end. The results were that he lost her. He was now going to die alone. “As you suspect in the past, everything exist in a multi domain universe, or multi-verse. Which put it very simply means that an infinite number of variations on this world exist concurrently, complete with the infinite numbers on you.” (261)
This is a very interesting thought. That there are infinitely universes. Meaning there is infinitely many of you. There is another you out there who thinks differently or another you that is doing the exact same thing but with other purposes. That’s a crazy thought.
Every single action has a consequence. Scientifically this is called the law of attraction. What we give we receive. Only one is responsible for their actions therefore responsible for the consequences. Some of our actions can influence others actions. Meaning that we have an impact on others life with our words and actions. "The urge to move is natural and understandable. As will be the case throughout your life, no matter how long or brief, the choice is, in the end, yours. Simply bear in mind that most every choice will have consequences, and in this instance those consequences would likely be quite grave."
Every choice changes the route of our destiny. But it’s so true it doesn’t matter what route one takes because eventually we die. Every choice matters because if you want to live a life full of happiness than you have to make sure to make the right choices.
Being happy depends on ourselves. Some people like being sad, because they only focus on the negative aspects of their life. One is happy when one focuses on the passive aspects of ones life. So once one decides to be happy that’s when everything falls into place. But when one wants to be happier that’s when we stop being happy, because we want more than we already have.
“Interesting. Not what we expected, certainly, but in just might work. Of course you understand that this