Evil Under the Sun Essay

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Angela Tran
Mrs. Robertson

Procrastination Is the Key to a Better Life

“Turtles eat cats...Done!” Jimmy exclaims as he flies his pencil across his worksheet with the randomest words. His teacher is sluggishly finding his way around the classroom, checking for completion on the students’ worksheets. “How wonderful,” Jimmy ponders, “completing my worksheet the last minute... Earns me a perfect A!” The practice of procrastination had been commonly used by students. Just ask them, students have a MUCH better life by doing so!

To begin with, who reads through the textbook and seriously completes his or her homework? The best solution to earn an A on homework is to procrastinate until the teacher announces to check or collect it. When the teacher wants to do so after all (sometimes teachers pull pranks, too,) scribble words such as “I <3 my cat,” or “Taylor Swift is the best” on the worksheet. During this most important time, students are unnoticeably extending their imaginations to the moon and back; their imaginations will improve significantly over time.

Next, drawing skills is extremely vital when it comes to the procrastination. Sometimes, the teacher will also accept art forms of “completion,” such as cute little flowers and students’ signatures. When the teacher walks away as soon as he sees the student’s paper without collecting it, this motion signals the student that his or her artwork is too great