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15. The first genetic material was most likely a(n) MyD CorrectC I choose D as a mistake as protein won't form without RNA and protein makes DNA so it would have to be RNA polymer.
25.bacteria found in many hospitals are antibiotic resitant. MyC Stablizing CorrectB Directional Pathogenic Was another mistake as I though for some reason they were just nauturally resitant but that doesn't make any sense. Directional is right because the ones that weren't resitant would die so the population to survive and pass genes would be the ones with resistance.
29. Charles Darwin was the first to propose. MyA that evoultion occurs Correct B a mechanism for how evolution occurs. I picked the more simple answer while B explains the answer to question more bceause Charles Darwin proposed natural selection which he described as the driving force behind evoulution.
33. If two modern organisms are distantly related in a evolutionary sense, then one should expect that. My A they live in very different habitats.Correct they shared a common anscestor relatively recently. The answer A is wrong because they can be common for other reasons than besides habitat and even if they are relative it doesn't mean they filled the same niche. While common ancestors are related through evolution and branched off the same species making them related through evolution which the question is asking for.
39. In a Hardy-Weinberg population with 2 alleles. A and a that are in equilibrium, the frequency of the allele a is 0.7. What is the percentage of the population that is homozygous for this allele. My D 42 Correct E 9. a=0.7 1-0.7= 0.3 A 0.7^2+2(0.70.3)+0.3^2=1. 0.3^=9
53. What would be the best technique for determining the evolutionary relationships among several closely related species, each of which still contains living members? Mya Examining the fossil record Correct B. Im wrong because it says theyre all still alive and also homologus works as it shows that they may have different body parts but they form the same function. DNA wouldn't work as since they are so close the difference in the DNA would be small and hard to gain information from.
57.What characteristic would all probionts have had in common? My E the ability to replicate RNA. Correct B Membrane. Membrane is right because it kept all their organelles in