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Evolution Assessment Essay

This essay is going to be on the big question how the scientific explains evolution. Evolution is a change in the genetic composition of a population from generation to generation.
Darwin used fossil records, biogeography and homologies to argue that change had happened. Darwin argued that the fossil record indicates that current species are descendants of ancestral species. Evolution is supported in many different ways but one major category pointing to its fossils. Through fossil dating evolution has become the theory accepted by majority of those in the face front. Evolution is supported through fossil records. the study of the sequence of occurrence in rocks reveals the relative time in which organisms lived. This technique shows that one layer of rock is older or younger than another.
Darwin argued that homologies indicates that current species are descendant of ancestral. But certainty there can be just one piece

of evidence to back up evolution and if fact because our new technology and research, people like Lamarck have been able to support evolution with modern evidence Lamarck was fascinated by similarities between completely different species, and by the endless fossil records. When Lamarck noticed this,it led him to believe that life was not completely finished. so he began to study the evolving necks of a giraffe” a giraffe stretched its neck for leaves a nervous fluid would flow into its neck and make it longer .. as organisms adapted to their surroundings, nature also drove them inexorably upward from simple forms to increasingly complex ones”(understanding evolution: Lamarck). and by this Lamarck meant that we took on its path of natural process on this planet and it wasn’t possible for someone to be in charge of all these changes. another modern evidence that was found was anatomical similarities in 2 different vertebrate embryos aka homologous structures,” Even though they have become adapted for different functions, the fore

limbs of an mammals are constructed from the same basic skeletal elements. this quote/evidence justifies that even through you come from completely different species group, you still come from the same ancestors with similar characteristics. even though those characteristics helped them advance in life, there's a possibility that as the world changed species characteristics couldn’t quite help them out in longer time. possibility was that species could go through a struggle for thier existence making natural selection a mechanism to explain descent with modification to back up this claim the quote “at the start is the drought there were about 600 males and 600 females. By the end of the drought more than 160 of the males were still alive” (weiner 78). This means that the males were able to win competitions easier became of their beak size.
Another example of Darwin's observations was that “All through the drought the total mass of seeds went up up up. The total number of finches on the island fell with the food supply. 1400 in march of

1976 1300 in january of 1977, fewer than 300 in december..(weiner) this quote means that the remaining finches had took their beaks to crack open the seeds. which wasn’t the type of seed that fit thier characteristics and when the mass of seeds changed so did the number of finches all of this explains how competition and the production of more individuals than the environment can support leads to a struggle for existence especially when it comes to a decrease change in food.

Natural selection, a process in which individuals that have certain inherited traits tend to survive and reproduce at higher rates than other individuals because of those traits. One of Darwin’s observation was that members of population often vary in their inherited traits. It is those traits that help them survive and reproduce more offsprings. An example of his observation…