Evolution By Natural Selection Is Wrong Essay

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Evolution By Natural Selection Is Wrong!!
All living things face many questions throughout their life such as what am I and what is the purpose on earth? Over the past centuries, science have been investigating these questions. At the same time, many cultures around the world have answers to these questions as well. According to science, these answers are concerned as myths or made up stories. Cultures all over the world believe “GOD” or “An Intelligent Designer” made all the living things. Modern science believe that all living things came to be through evolution. The theory of evolution states that billions of years ago a complex chemical soup suddenly became a single cell organism that replicated and evolved through time. This theory is based on a natural selection, which defines as “a process in nature in which organisms possessing certain genotypic characteristics that make them better adjusted to an environment which tend to survive, reproduce, and increase in number or frequency. Therefore, they are able to transmit and perpetuate their essential genotypic qualities to the succeeding generations.” "Natural Selection." - Definition from Biology-Online.org. N.p., 18 May 2009. Web. 16 Nov. 2014. <http://www.biology-online.org/dictionary/Natural_selection>. The result of this process, is what is seen around the world now. Modern science completely ignores about an Intelligent Designer. In the current education system, all the aspects of the theories that explains about the origin of life through evolution are taught and this might lead the humanity into wrong conclusions. Due to this, many students are unaware of other explanation of how life originated on earth. In the modern science curriculum, students are not exposed to the flaws of evolution. Moreover, evolution is a theory, but this is taught as facts. Thus, majority of students believe evolution is true. There are many factors around the world that put the theory of evolution in crisis such as complexity of cells formation, Australopithecus fossil skeleton, Giants many more. One of the ways that theory of evolution is put in crisis is through the complexity of how cells are formed. DNA is a double helix structure that is arranged in a precise sequence of four organic molecules. Scientists name them as A, C, T, and G which stands for Adenine, Cytosine, Thymine, and Guanine. The different arrangement of these chemicals make up the instructions of how amino acids are made to proteins. This chemical code is called the language of life. By the definition of natural selection, natural selection will not exist without the first living cell. This natural selection process can only happen with the living cell that can replicate themselves and put DNA that passes on their genetic changes to the future generation. Without DNA, there is no self-replication. Without self-replication there no natural selection. So it is not possible to use natural selection in order to explain the origin of DNA, without assuming the existence of the very DNA that scientist are trying to explain. The second complexity of cells are the ribosomes. It is basically a large complex cellular factories, which is made up of proteins. The use of ribosomes are to use the information from the DNA to manufacture various proteins for the organisms. Hence, without ribosomes there is no proteins, and without proteins there is no ribosomes. It is like chicken and eggs, without the chicken there is no egg and without the egg there is no chicken. Therefore, the question is which came into existence first; is it the ribosomes or the proteins? Since, through the complexity of cells formation, the theory of evolution is put in crisis, and in addition to this Australopithecus fossil skeleton also show that the theory of evolution is questionable. A Second way the theory of evolution is put in crisis is through Australopithecus fossil skeleton. “Scientists state that it is a fossil bipedal primate who lived 3.9 to