Essay on Evolution: Evolution and David Garcia Campos

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David Garcia
Campos Period 6
28 February 2012
Darwin’s theory of evolution is that every organism will evolve to adapt to its environment under any circumstances. This is true to the prey and predator. The prey will try and outsmart the predator; however, the predator will learn to adapt or they both die. All of our theories propose that all organisms have to adjust to survive. But, we don’t agree that humans evolved from chimpanzees eight million years ago, whales sixty million years ago, and finally kangaroos one- hundred years ago. I agree with the data about evolution. Evidence can be found all over the world. They can be found in fossils; resulting in the ancestors of a species. Evidence can also be found among the living. For example, Darwin’s Finches lived in the Galapagos Islands, yet, each of them had small alterations between their beaks. The resources at hand were the biology textbook, and notes about Darwin’s theories of Evolution. The methods used came from the book, notes, the video, and from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. From analyzing the theory of evolution I concluded that Darwin is correct that under any circumstances, any organism (prey or predator), will evolve to become the best suitor, and reproduce to pass on its genes to its’ offspring. Although, Darwin’s theory may be proven incorrect, fossils show an important part of his career. From here you can see how organisms have evolved to become