Essay on Evolution: Insect and Surviving Australia Exhibit

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What is evolution?
Evolution is the biological changes in the characteristics of anything living, no matter how small or large the organism is. The reason for evolution is somewhat obvious, if an animal of some sort was relocated away from its natural habitat, it would adapt physically and sometimes mentally to its new climate, landscape, its prey and predators. Evolution is vital for animals to survive relocations and/or major changes in their natural habitat.

What Evidence Supported Evolution In The Australian Museum?
The exhibit in the museum where I obtained most of my evidence for evolution was the Surviving Australia exhibit. While making my way though the Surviving Australia exhibit I was able to observe how Australia’s native animals evolved throughout time due to either climate change or re locating to another habitat.

Evidence of Kangaroos Evolving
According to the museum which had a display on the different types of kangaroos, the kangaroo has been estimated to date back to over 25 million years ago where there was only one specie. The kangaroo is only found in Australia but some relatives like the tree kangaroo were said to of lived around Noumea. Both Australia and Noumea are neighbouring countries separated and surrounded by a vast amount of water (the Pacific Ocean). This means that particular animals were unable to travel to other countries, where if the countries were connected in some way the kangaroos would have curiously ventured out and evolved and adapted to their new climate like how our current kangaroos evolved to ours.
According to scientists who analysis the fossils of ancient kangaroos, kangaroos did not always travel on two legs... They actually use to walk on four. This dramatic transformation is believed to of occurred approximately 10 to 15 million years ago. The reason for this transformation was to enable the kangaroos to travel greater distances in quicker time in order to locate food or a water source in the dry barren land.

Evidence of Insects Evolving
Insects like animals evolve to by adapting to their climates and habitat, whether it is to hide from predators or capture its prey. A particular insect which has undergone various stages of transformation is the popular common spider. The “Spider” has been on earth for an astonishing 400 million years. The evidence of the spider’s evolution can be seen with both fossils and spiders that have been preserved in amber. The spider originally evolved from crab-like Chelicerata Ancestors it had no spinnerets and silk secretion