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Evolution Lab Report

Evolution Lab Report
Introduction and Purpose.
The Evolution Lab on the adaptation and evolution of finches allows the user to experiment with their population over 100, 200, and 300 years. The experiment locations takes place on Darwin Island and Wallace Island. By using diverse factors which influence adaptations and natural selection, the user can analysis the evolution process. The population of finches can be determined over the time span of 300 years by changing different variables.
• Precipitation and beak size will have a vast effect on the population.
•The bigger the clutch the higher the population over time. •The size of the environments island will affect the population.
In this Evolution Lab, materials needed to complete the experiment was a computer and access to the Evolution Lab available on the student website. Unfortunately I was unable to use the needed materials due to technical difficulties with my computer.
Methods or Procedures.
The method used to limit the amount of options was to first focus on the precipitation and beak size for Darwin Island by changing the variables and recording the side notes for the population in 100 years. Secondly, I used my previous prediction to determine what happens to the population when changing the clutch size. I took the highest estimated population and then predicted how the population would compare when I change the island size. The outcome I was trying to obtain was to find the highest population. Then I wanted to find out when the population would drop the most within the 100, 200, or 300 years.
Data is supposed to be numeric. It is supposed to show the numerical data acquired from conducting the Evolution Lab experiment. Due to the technical issues of not being able to access The Evolution Lab, there is no data to report. However, if there was data I suspect that it would show an increase in the finches’ population overtime due to their adaptation to the larger island and a decrease in the population for the smaller environment.
Discussion and Results.
I did not have any data to fall back on but I predict the beak