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Throughout the course of many centuries the economic and cultural afflictions have each individually affected the different religions and their viewpoints on war. Spokes people and leaders of faiths often have a spirited opinion on the matter and typically stand firm on their beliefs. While some have learned to condone wars, others have chose to condemn them, furthermore there are a few religious groups who believe in the proper treatment of enemies during war time.
War was condoned under certain situations by faiths such as, Confucianism, Sikhism, and Islamic. As described in the Confucian Analects, citizens should only go into war as trained soldiers, they believed that as long as the people were trained and not unknowingly sent to their death, war was acceptable (doc. 1). Where as the tenth Sikh guru believed war was only appropriate when all other means of peace have failed, and that it is then lawful to draw swords. This is likely because of the warring times during his lifetime (doc. 2). The Hindu scripture advocated war entirely, and promised heavenly placement if death bestowed upon the person in battle (doc. 6). From other knowledge it can be inferred this furthered the motivation for war and expansion. Islamic guidelines promoted fighting for god's cause would lead to salvation. Although war was patronized there are limitations listed in the Qur'an; such as not kills women, children, or old men (doc. 8). Another guideline was to leave those devoted to the monastic services alone (doc.8). Many religions found war essential when protecting one's self and their nation.
Some religions promoted proper treatment of enemies during times of war. Christian scriptures in the New Testament view only defensive war as acceptable and the only form of war with possible repenting of sins after. Once an invader is captured they are should to be spared their life (doc. 5). Christ believed in "loving your enemies", and preached that "blessed are the peacemakers". It is likely he was hoping to spread his beliefs through the Roman
Empire, which often took part in violent matters (doc 4). After a victory is accomplished,
Daoism thought that the conquered people should receive respectful treatment. Also that the people should only fight when needed and to not pursue or transgress violence. Limitations may have good intentions but nothing is fair in love and war.
While some religions condoned war others condemned it, like the Hebrews and the
Buddhists. The first Sikh guru claimed no enemies, and that god rendered us incapable of hate and prejudice. This is much different from the tenth and last guru, this is