Essay on Evolution of Dracula

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Many people would say that “Dracula” is the ultimate vampire novel. Although this is a matter of opinion, it has to have some credibility due to the fact it is such a widely accepted idea. In efforts to verify this claim, one must understand the history of the vampire. “Dracula” was written from the influences of many short stories. Dracula’s appearance and behaviors can be seen in the evolution of the vampire, through the works of Lord Byron, John Polidori and Johann Tieck. These great works provided inspiration to Bram Stoker with his efforts in “Dracula.”
Dracula, in his most grotesque form, is a vampire. His image has been developed, due to Bram Stokers imagination, but also by the works of other authors. In Lord Byron’s “Fragment of a Novel,” there are two characteristics related to “Dracula.” The first characteristic is that Dravell has travelled extensively. Dracula himself has travelled, for the reader knows he has mapped out locations of property in his interest around Europe and been a soldier of war in his past. The second trait is that they are both presumably from the east. We know for a fact that Dracula is of eastern descent, being from Transylvania. Darvell, on the other hand, was laid to rest, at the end of the fragment, in Smyrna. The fact that Darvell’s grave resides in Smyrna indicates a strong belief that he is also from there, however, it never clearly states exactly where he is from. Through “The Vampyre” by John Polidori, superhuman strength and a thirst for women was introduced to the vampires’ image. Lord Ruthven, in “The Vampyre,” both preyed upon unmarried females and expressed his strength to Aubrey as he inquired about the shrieks of a woman in the woods. This resemblance is seen with Dracula as he helped move the boxes from the Demeter to his estate in Piccadilly. The thirst for women is noted when Lucy, in “Dracula,” became the first victim from the readers perspective. The characteristics that Johann Tieck creates, in “Wake Not the Dead,” is one of magic for the