Evolution Of Education In The 1800 Century

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In the 1600’s, Colonial Colleges were formed for men to become ministers and priest. They were founded by the colonials to teach theology and religion here in the new world and help establish religious freedom. Public colleges were later formed to help educate but without religious control. Around the same time military academies were founded such as West Point. In the 1800’s normal schools were created; they helped prepare teachers to expand school systems. The Morrill Land- Grant College Act during the Civil War permitted states to sell federally granted land and use the money to build colleges that were agricultural and industrial based. Also in the 1800’s co-ed colleges and the first women’s college was established. Universities were soon created to provide an institute train specialist in a particular course of studies, such as medicine, math or philosophy. A new development in education is availability to learning not at the campus but online.
The reasons to pursue a graduate degree are numerous. Studies show when the economy is tight, and many adults go back to school. They do so to strengthen and sharpen their skills to maintain a job or secure one with a new employer. A more highly skilled applicant may be an able to obtain a new job over an applicant who is not as qualified. Many others go to school t make more money, advances in their current position or a job promotion, job security, recognition within their field, travel or teaching opportunities. Some do so just to learn more or to stand