Evolution Of The Taco

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Evolution of the taco

Once upon a time a lonely piece of corn was chillen in a field, his name was Gerald. He was so anxious to be picked so he could soon be part of the tasty taco. He was never payed attention to by the corn huskers. He was always passed up when it came to getting picked. He was not alone. Another lonely corn was on the same plant he was on. Her name was Geraldine. They grew as friends and grew together there whole life. They soon became madly in love. They hated picking season because they would never want to be torn apart. They were never torn apart. Until… one stormy cloudy day, it was dark and misty, the clouds covered the sun. It was such a negative day in the corn patch. On surprise the corn huskers came out and husked corn. The two prayed together that neither of them would be picked. The huskers got to there plant they picked Geraldine but not Gerald, they yelled there last goodbyes. Gerald was in mad terror he didn’t know what he would do the rest of his life.
One day Gerald was picked and taken straight to a tortilla factory, he was taken straight to the tortilla maker along with all the other corns that were in the factory. They all were put on the table next to the machine. They all mingled around before they were mashed into a tortilla. As Gerald was mingling around he noticed a female tortilla, he recognized her but couldn’t seem to remember her name. He trolled away. The female corn was Geraldine. She chased after Gerald and then corn hugged him and he soon realized who she was. They were so excited to see each other they were ecstatic. The corn maker came and put all the corns in the mixer. Gerald and Geraldine decided to hold each other so they could be mashed together into a tortilla and they would soon met other delicious ingredients to make the best taco ever.
Bobby was a head of lettuce, he was grown in the same garden as his best friend Carson. Carson was a tomato. They were both the, leaders of the garden. Carson was the ripest of all the tomatoes. Bobby was the boss of all lettuce. The dreams of all vegetables is to get to the store and be sold so they can become art of a meal. Bobby and Carson’s dream was to be sold at the store and become part of a yummy food. That’s just was happened they were sold to farmer Harold. Farmer Harold took them into his house as ingredients and was going to use them to eat, but what nobody knew was that they would soon become part of the most delicious food on the planet, the taco. Cows always look