Evolution: Psychology and Human Nature Essay

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Does evolution explains the human nature?
Obviously, say the monkey


Human nature must be understood as a direct consequence of evolution. Not only our physical traits but also our behavior, our thinking and our mind are a direct result of it.

Although humans are always looking for evidence to prove that intelligence is a characteristic unique to their species, scientific studies have increasingly show that this is not the case. Skills once believed unique to humans such as making and using tools, imitation, having a culture, thinking ahead, self-awareness and adopting another’s point of view have been also identified in animals.

Physically, our species is very similar to apes such as chimpanzees and while our intellect may be superior, basic needs, both physical and emotional, are the same in the two species. In fact, the pursuit of power, the enjoyment of sex, the need for security and affection, trust and cooperation are some of the features observed in both humans and primates.

Concepts such as self-control, justice, solidarity and cooperation are observed in primates organized in highly structured groups. Even concepts considered as basic pillars of human morality, empathy and reciprocity, can also be observed in primates. This suggests that human morality can be older than humanity itself and it is not necessarily the product of religious beliefs.

For example, there is evidence that chimpanzees tendency to console (to show empathy)