Evolution: Ronald Fisher and Theoretical Population Genetics Essay

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John Santiago
Evolution Assignment
Stephen Gould-He was born in New York City. After he graduated from Columbia University, he developed the theory of punctuated equilibrium in 1972. It proposed that evolution is marked by long periods of stability, punctuated by rare instances of evolution. Gould made three general arguments for evolution. First, he pointed to the undeniable evidence of evolution within species. Second, Gould argued from the imperfections that appear in so many species. It impacted Darwin’s explanation and theory. In 1982, he was diagnosed with cancer. May 20th 2002, he passed away. (1941-2002)

Herbert Spencer-He was born in England on April 27th, 1820. He was very enthusiastic about evolution and even wrote about evolution before Darwin did. He is famous for the phrase “survival of the fittest”. He contributed to a wide range of subjects including ethics, religion, anthropology, economics, political theory, philosophy, literature, biology, sociology, and psychology. Today, however, he is usually remembered in philosophical circles for his political thought, primarily for his defense of natural rights and for criticisms of utilitarian positivism, and his views has been invoked by ‘libertarian’ thinkers such as Robert Nozick. He became ill after being nominated for the Nobel Prize. In 1903, he passed away. (1820-1903)

Ronald Fisher-He was born in England on February 17th, 1890. He is known for many things, which include Fisher's fundamental theorem, Maximum likelihood, Fisher information, Analysis of variance, The Fisher–Kolmogorov equation, Fisher's geometric model, Coining the term "null hypothesis", Fiducial inference, Fisher's exact test, Fisher's principle, Fisherian runaway and The