Evolution Of Health Care Information Systems

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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems Dimetria Major HCS/533 March 29, 2013 Suzie Mays

Evolution of Health Care Information System Health care has come a long way in technology for the past, implementing new technology has made the health care industry grow in size. Major events of health care have paved the way for future technologies influence the physicians, administrators, clinicians, and staff to push pass the old ways of thinking and create new initiatives of information systems. Health care information will be moving forward with significant changes, technology involvement will prove to be a positive and much needed impact to the
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Technology is showing how in the future disease management will be a prior and reflection on the progress of better diagnosis with the technology realm of care for health care. “Various successes of technology have made the concept of prevention, health promotion, and integrative medicine to bond for a product of quality care” (Weil, 2011 “p”1). Major Events and Technological Advantages that Influenced Current HCIS Practices
Technological advantages starts with the implementation of information systems that will help physicians obtain a more rapid response for patient medical records. The change in health care started with the “potential benefits of the EMR a step further by adding sophisticated hardware to the mix” (Silverman, 1998 “p” 2). Doctors can use a wall-mounted keyboard with a monitoring system to check results of recent procedures, consultations, operations, or images. Health information recording and clinical data repository is how checking orders of daily medications by touching key pad helps in the integration process of writing progress notes of the clinical findings. Electronic Medical Records has steps in pulling patient charts, “searching for missing or misfiled data, transcribing orders, filling out multiple lab, diagnostic test, and pharmacy requisitions, or writing progress notes hours